Hackmeeting 2006: Building a different net

Hackmeeting 2006

The Italian Hackmeeting is a very special kind of event. It’s very different from the other European or American hacker meetings because it’s compeltely self organized and decided through a public mailing list. The 8th edition will take place in Parma, 1-3 September, in a place (the ex USL building in Strada Boffalora 8) squatted a few days before, concretizing the very spirit of this event: hacking reality, not only code. In this place the computer network and the rest of public services has been collectively built in a few and the gathering will be a statement for defending another free zone. The latter practices were quite common also in the previous editions (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005). The spontaneous planned seminars are covering the edge of technology and culture: how to build your own FM transmitter, the Italian Pirate Partiet presentation, the dark side of Google, renewable energies, how to build and use the so-called Cantennas, how to deal with Italian copyright laws, the Blisset-style hoax of Serpica Naro in the world of fashion industry, writing poetry in C programming language, a critical videogame for mobile phones collectively developed and the projection of Revolution Open Source II, a documentary movie on the Italian OS scene. The core technical developments are naturally included as an introduction to semantic web, neural networks, Linux suite for professionaly producing multimedia, TOR, Trusted Computing, firewalls, reverse engineering and the usual Key signing party. The usual radio streaming of all the event through Radio Cybernet has been transformed into a so-called ‘protcast’. Anybody can dial a local phone number and then (thanks to a software hack developed by Jaromil) starting a recording of seminars or interviews or sound art or whatever, promptly made available online.