Connecting worlds, the babel of evolving communication

Connecting worlds

Connecting worlds is the first exhibition after the temporary stop of the Tokyo based ICC activities, and that’s a good news indeed. Curated by Yukiko Shikata it deals also with the concept of communication (once restricted to humans) here extended to every information exchange between an individual and anything else. The ‘cloud’ of data inputs and outputs that surrounds us at varying degrees of density is transforming into a sort of invisible organism. And the endlessly translations occurring between different type of data can be imagined as an almost functioning babel fish in the ocean of interchanged signs and signals. Some specific works were included in the exhibition: ‘Vexations’ by Mohri Yuko and Mihara Soichiro, a Satie-based and environment-influenced generator of scores awarded at Transmediale 2006, ‘On-Chat Portrait’ by Tano Taige, where the artist draws portraits basing on info received chatting with the ‘customers’, un_wiki and Google Will Eat Itself (GWEI). The babel of codes and media start to unfold in front of the artists’ views and the resulting ecosystems seem more rich and complex than before.