Doddodo – Sample Bitch Story


CD – Adaadat
A definitely multi-form album with surprises at every track and passage, in a mix of noise, country-folk and beatz, in the plunderphonic abuse, with influences always skillfully reconciled with clearly non-conventional tastes and listening attitudes. The breakcore scenes are those which have reacted more intelligently to that kind of boredom caused by the ultra-specialization of today’s music culture, not crying too much over the uniformity of genres and, on the contrary, exploiting every possible material, assembling it into a new shape with an attitude which is both experimental and artistic, but amused and disenchanted as well. Namin Haku, the real name of Doddodo, a female artist born in Osaka, with a simple Casio keyboard, microphones, samplers and beat boxes, really succeeds at tracing an imaginary and captivating sound path. Even Jason ‘Donna Summer’ Forrest and those behind Club Transmediale say it, and we can trust them.