Six Sites Of Sound: Sound Art/Resonance Supplement

Douglas Henderson

The sound art scene has received a tardy acknowledgment, and then only because of the fascination of its technical apparatus and of the extensive use of sound in installations / electronic works of art, instead of a considered evaluation by the contemporary art world. The experimental music sectors and their appearing in galleries and museums have given back dignity to the same scene. But one of the recent propulsive forces is undoubtedly Resonance FM, the Londoner radio that is collectively managed and that obtained some important public funds that triggered many initiatives and high profile cultural aggregations. One of them is the Resonance Magazine, and this is a precious supplement in a form of a small book and a cd. Here the sound art specific, always hovering between art and music, is pictured from some of the most interesting perspectives, including the disenchanted use of science, the listener induced sensation of different spatial coordinates or the conceptual use of verbal generation, with some tracks examples on the enclosed cd. Sound instead of multimedia examples, underlining the acoustic dimension. The radio medium is still the standard bearer of this dimension and this product’s density of contents make it a sort of little well curated exhibition on paper and cd.