Gameplay, the dance body-machine relationship


From such a long time a dance and the electronic technologies have found a good connection, mostly in the use of motion sensors. These devices allowed the body to expand its movements beyond themselves, giving the body itself a role of a crucial node to external events, kinetically connected. But the sensors has become a simple short cut, humiliating the research for new interaction criteria between the organic dynamism and the electronic reaction speed. Gameplay by Antoine Schmitt, Jean-Marc Matos and Anne Holst is a project that tries to bring the language of early videogames in a choreography finding its link in both the domains’ concept of physical test. The interaction between the performer’s body and the illuminated forms that skim over it are emanating an affective aura. It’s an interaction that reminds more the interaction fluidity of the organic forms than the univocal sensor’s reactions. So a different dance grammar is compiled, enriched with new forms. These forms that set up a fluid symbiosis with the artificial light emitted in the body-machine relationship.