Soviet-Unterzögersdorf, socialism surreal.


Propose an ironic vision of a past that little bit of fashion is one of the opportunities of computer games which have the undoubted ability to recreate historical systems through simulation that brings back what the fury of the mass media erases information in no you know it. Unterzögersdorf Soviet- inpronunciabile is the title of a video game activist group-tecnofilosofi Austrian Monochrom. Unterzögersdorf is the latest satellite state of the Soviet bloc, a tiny country nestled in the Austrian territory still loyal to the theory and practice of socialism. Playing as the party secretary Vladislav player must defend the scarce supplies and reject the western cultural invasion in the form of bands of young metalheads. After a disturbing introduction you find yourself in an adventure game in style Lucasarts: according to the authors, "it was clear that a game genre practically extinct as the graphic adventure would be the best way to communicate the concept of Soviet -Unterzögersdorf. " In fact, the retro and decadent atmosphere permeates every screen, dialogues and monologues are only in Russian (with English subtitles), the musical score, made up of pompous anthems of the regime is to spread via local radio. Everywhere, the bleakness and desolation of an economy in shambles. The humor is as ruthless you can imagine, Comrade Vladislav never misses the chance to unleash his fierce rhetoric, singing the praises of his beloved homeland, quoting from memory parts of the capital and maneuvering perfectly absurd bureaucratic system of the village. The postmodern pastiche improbable Soviet computer is irresistible, and you will have to deal with, for example, a cumbersome machinery for virtual reality fueled by plutonium, the mysterious "machine without God", and more. With a soundtrack that includes Negativland and Jazz Dance Combinat, Soviet-Unterzögersdorf is a must play, but it is only the first chapter of a trilogy still to be completed, and even if completely free to download, accepts donations via PayPal to develop the rest . The game (for Windows and Linux) in Russian with subtitles in English and German is licensed under Creative Commons.