Forget-me-not panties, intimate surveillance.

Forget-me-not panties

The 'fake website' is a kind of net art established, which provides for the creation of a site, accompanied by appropriate domain, such as to mislead the users as possible by the professionalism of content: design, text, goods or services offered and whatever. Forget-me-not panties Jonah Peretti is part of this crowded category, focusing on a product of repression and control with a target completely male. Produced by the mysterious Panchira Corp. of Tokyo, in fact, these women's pants would incorporate a GPS signal emitter that would make immediate localization via PC or mobile phone. The model 'advanced' would include even also sensors that detect changes in temperature and heart rate. The delirium of omnipotence control and localization of objects / people compared to the signals sent by some electronic equipment has bread for his teeth into this scarcastico product. This 'chastity belt at the time of RFID', conceptually enters fully into the flow of paranoid desires to have everything that takes place in a part of the screen where the industry wants us to reflect as in a mirror. The work, to the contrary, while propagating a control product, leads us to use the screen for quelo for which it was born, ie as a window of communication open.