The Kinetic Image, click and drag the picture.

The Kinetic Image

The Kinetic Image by Massimo Fiorentino, Italy-born and naturalized Danish, allegedly works on the one that you can define the boundary line, so the contact between different modes of visual representation of the image. With the results clearly depicts real landscapes or abstract painting where, unlike a classical framework, the quality of the composition and spatial kinetic work due to the physical action of the viewer. These, 'click' and dragging the picture with any interface device that performs the functions of a simple mouse, does literally go back and forth exploring the image space and establishing the line of succession of the storm told. In the internet, platform Quicktime VR, you can have a first approach with this technique specifically designed for use installative. Although the research does not focus on the mode of operation and modification of the system of reference so as to fit significantly in the vein of interactive art, it is only thanks to the intervention of the user that concrete shed the expressive potential of the picture.