Freewayblogger, activism communication on highways.


The advertising in its overflowing expansion desperate for attention from potential buyers every day shows us how to exploit every possible square millimeter public to 'make communication', the illusion (alas supported by statistical studies) that each repetition of a given message contribute meaningfully to his stay in our memory. The public spaces, thus they have become an arena that engages our minds in a tour de force of stimuli, most of which are approved in a handful of standard categories. Freewayblogger is an activist who chose as his field of action the highways (highways) American. His attack media work is done in degrees signs hanging bridges, calvalcavia, fences, walls and anything else Security outlines the main arteries traveled by cars. This activity, in addition to a number of non-trivial practical issues and legal (all properly dealt with by the same author), combines several disciplines, including of course, that of mass communication. A points out its importance just try to estimate the number of potential users of these messages can be up to tens of thousands in areas with heavy traffic. The whole building with very poor means, but carefully researched and documented for its viral expansion, on a website that documents actions and techniques.