Mapping New Territories


After more than a decade of artistic practices related to new media, the world of digital art and media is still confined to its spaces, and has not yet made inroads into the culture linked to contemporary art. This debate that generates animated against questioning the whole system of art, but also the ability of electronic media to be considered ‘art’ in all respects and to get out of their ghetto. If the video art are served thirty years to be recognized as a legitimate art form, how many you will need to interactive and network to achieve the same status? And above all, how can he reconcile the ‘white box (white cube)’ of the museum with the characteristics of intangible assets and spatially unlimited electronic works? These important themes reflect the curators of this operation by coordinating multiple entries that are matched to the selection of four works of ‘ show of the same name , designed to promote media art in Switzerland. But the territorial issue is here used as a crowbar, that is to inextricably bind the institutions that have the duty to protect local fresh energy and cultural expression, but at the same time to ask their account policies and compel them to come to terms with the new realities, cultural and technological. Symbolic in this sense the title adopted, which is dedicated to the ‘new territories’ to explore, indispensable to the contemporary and needed to upgrade the perspectives of culture.