Flickr Peep Show + Host, electronic eyes everywhere.

Flickr Peep Show

The exponential proliferation of access to information has bulimizzato also our desire to never seen before images and more and more surprising. Moreover, the entertainment he married in a stable union of the input video sensors in our daily panorama, thus making them continuously present and the miniaturization of these same devices, which potentially hiding eyes in hidden places. A properly merge these two features is Flickr Peep Show developed by the editors of the Dutch Mediamatic. The spirit of the famous online platform Flickr, which allows you to publish your photos as you like by creating small communities around active, is twisted against himself, putting in place its most obvious mechanism, ie abnormally stimulate the dangerous combination of voyeurism / exhibitionism that much has permeated the television business, giving it feed the public ridicule of the road. This contrasts with the vision offered by Host Phillip Warnell. The artist has ingested a tiny camera that has taken all of his digestive system. The result, a 9-meter long strip that contains the sequence of images of its internal parts that interact frequently with what comes in from the outside (the mouth) is yet another 'invasion' of more intimate spaces, enslaved to the aesthetics of body, his privacy and his own ancient inviolability. But the electronic eyes are destined to cross new boundaries, bringing our obsession for watching still beyond the limits of the flesh.