Garage 2004 interface black box white cube.

It takes place in a wide span of time the edition of 2004 of the Garage Festival in Stralsund, Germany. After editions in recent years (including those of 2001 and 2003 ), this year's theme is summed up in the alliance / opposition between two elements ubiquitous in contemporary art: the black box (black box) and the white room, which is empty (white cube) within which each object takes on its own mystical dignity. Both represent an interface between the public and content, which is actually the main theme under which you made the curatorial choices. Many projects are still unpublished in the circuit of the great festivals and are worth a mention, as the bar of the robotic Automaten, Alerting Infrastructure of Jonah Brucker-Cohen , the drill that breaks a piece of the exhibition structure each time a user accesses the homepage of the event The Pong completely mechanical cyberniklas, the historic 'Spatial Sound' with an amplifier that turns on a mechanical arm noting attendance and retransmitting deafening sounds, 'Turing Tables' by Franz John, which returns the pulse of the earth through the seismological surveys, through network cables with which to draw to their data, generated by television news, REAL Sound Radboud Mens and Aldje van Meer, a sound installation which generates images through a tactile interface, M: A: P: A : M: P Tamás Szakál, a space audible through special clothes superimposed on the real, Audio Relay Brennan McGaffey, a mini-FM transmitter autonomous and multiaccessoriato, Pandev, a project in progress by Derek Holzer and Sara Kolster to record audio type 'field recordings' with a random timing and Surroundings Defend System Wessel Westerveld, a helmet modified to completely estranged from their environment. Among the concerts and performances are distinguished from those Goodiepal , Donna Summer (interviewed on Neural 21 ), Visomat inc., Kapotte Muziek, AGF + Vladislav Delay, ixi software , and always with SimpleText Jonah Brucker Cohen.