Circuit Bending Music and Art Festival.

The figure is closer to that hacker musician is that of the 'circuit bender', ie who edits old tools, often thought of as toys, amplifying or distorting the sound characteristics through a direct intervention on their electronics. The Circuit Bending Music and Art Festival in New York, going up to 10 April, he brings together individual artists and groups with a program that gives space to both the performance / concert tout court that the workshops, to link the different techniques and approaches . As has already been made ​​in the recent past by groups such Carrionsound , and Casper Electronics , these machines with emphasis induced not follow a nostalgic spirit of resurrecting nostalgic and primitive sounds of some decades ago, but to rethink sound instruments 'improper', electronics with an attitude that produces amazing results. And so in addition to the presence of one of the gurus of the scene, Reed Ghazala, are staged 'orchestras' of such machines, and improvised changes accompanied by the formulation of a sort of 'zen' of this practice. The reappropriation of the machines and their operation sound, passes here too.