Frankie the Robot, simulations of anthropomorphic dj.

Frankie the Robot is a dj simulated in 3D generated in real time by a software developed independently by Ash Nehru and Chris Fraser highly dynamic two English guys. The robot is projected on a screen and in fact embodies elliptical, abstracting the real dj with a sensuality ironic and funny. This automatically uses simulacrum, in its representation of 'hyperdecks', ie of the dishes, which are also software, always obedient to his commands that perform the matching of the beats automatically, making it easy mixing between styles and times, as well to divide each track into loop of the type 16-beat, so as to be repeated or re-played at any time. The traces are available from time to time displayed, so in the audience of the dancefloor creates an amused expectation. A direct Frankie thinks a human being (the 'pilot') via a Playstation 2 game pad connected to a laptop where reside the program and all the tracks in mp3. The personality of a superstar and the nimble gestures that accompany the rhythm and mixing, are able to be self-deprecating and anti-hero, creating a loving relationship with the public and representative.