Flexplorer, view the structure of the sites.

Developed by the team of Erational.org, Flexplorer v1.00 is one of the latest tools for visualization of the structures of websites. The 'X-ray' of the site under analysis is illustrated with a dynamic interface, which also allows for navigation of the site. The internal structure of a set of web pages has something organic in its concept, as it almost always determines the further development or reflects the strategic choices of the past, conscious or unconscious, leaving tangible traces of the decisions of its developers. Scrolling the graphics comes from thinking about the organic structure of the plant or to the maps in different years of the metropolitan areas, and it is possible, in addition to download the software in full, try an online demo. An advantage of this software still immature, finally, is the development approach under the GPL, then open and highly collaborative, so far unknown for this type of code has been made since the dawn of both artistic and scientific terms by proprietary development.