Dirty Milk, affect a poem by voice.

Dirty Milk is a poem that makes use of recombinant PC microphone to activate a dynamic interaction with the user, which in this way is able to catalyze the transformation induced by the software. Created by The Lewis Cook, contains about a hundred short essays heterogeneous in form, which implement stochastic transformations on the text, which is slowly and automatically induced, in fact, the speaker's voice. The voice input, enabled by the latest version of flash, has inspired several recent works for web which detect the level of perceived sound, translating it into actions, such as My Voice (read by microphone) Gregory Chatonsky, The Well and Venus # 1 by Antoine Schmitt. In the work of The Cook the concatenation of the text is affected by the user's voice, first bitter example of how a voice reading could affect the content of a literary work. The entire corpus of songs, including some surreal digital collages, is also downloadable. Pdf and doc palm.