Festival Break 2.2, the invisible dangers.

Draws to a close in various places of the Ljubljana Festival Break 2.2 , an event that articulated theme this year is 'Invisible Threat', including all those activities which are not visible to some intrinsic hazards, biological viruses to radiation, the effects side the supervision and persuasive power of the media. The exhibition includes 'Consumertopia' Andrew Bucksbarg, the combination of consumer capitalism-with the mouse rollover, 'Great Balls of Fire' by Leon Grodski, September 11 saw a lounge, 'Stealth' by Aleksandar Jestrovic-Jamesdin, on 'ominimo impregnable U.S. plane shot down in Belgrade in 99' Mosquitobox 'Oliver Kunkel, a box of mosquitoes that have sucked the blood of HIV-positive,' Horror Chase 'Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, who reconstructs the random velocity loop of the scene' tracking of the horror film 'Evil Dead 2', 'Remain in Light' by Haruki Nishijima, the catch-sound waves with screen presented at Ars Electronica, 'Little Virus' Helene von Oldenburg & Ellen Nonnenmacher, on the design and the 'placing a biological virus in society contempornea,' Interactive audio installation for cable, hand and flash 'of Sergey Provorov & Galina Myznikova, dispersive effects of electricity,' The Voyeur 'by Kathrin Pohlmann, a video about his family watching a porn film, 'Invisible Threat: Home' Rene Rusjan, about the dangers that lurk in the walls of the home and 'Under Surveillance?' Tina Smrekar, an installation in which statistical data are crossed with interviews with ordinary people of Leipzig and London about being exposed to continuous surveillance. To complete the full program a symposium attended by, among others, Beatriz da Costa, Brooke Singer and René Passet, live videomixing Mike Hentz, 'spi', a concert that overlaps the encrypted transmissions Secret Service on shortwave and cryptic messages of the oracle of Delphi, 'Recoil' Katherine Moriwaki (USA), where clothes are stuffed with magnets attract involuntarily wearer 'In-Sight No. 3, Reality Soundtrack' Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, an intervention radioriproduttori sound through the city, and finally workshop of Christian Humbert Droz and the Institute for Applied Autonomy.