Vagamundo: a street-game digital on illegal immigration.

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02:12:02 Vagamundo: a street-game digital on illegal immigration.
Born in the summer of 2002, with full U.S. anti-terrorism campaign, the game Vagamundo – a Migrant's Tale , Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga, was an intelligent response to growing forms of prejudice towards immigrants. It was created with the intention of furthering a reflection on the problem of illegal immigration and the conditions of life of those who must fight for their fundamental rights. In the U.S., there are over eight million illegal immigrants, including three million from Mexico. The project, part of The Kitchenis Neighborhood Street Fair, comes from interviews conducted in Latin American immigrants living in Manhattan and Brooklyn, stories of everyday life that are presented as such. Vagamundo is an art project 'mobile', which is born on the streets and living in the streets: the computer, monitor and joystick are placed in a cart for ice cream, which travels through the streets of New York (remembering, at a glance, one of the most common occupations among immigrants). The concept of the game involves passing three levels, to make the 'social ladder' in the USA: past obstacles and evidence relevant to the daily lives of immigrants, in the first level you try to win a job, the second has got a job as porter or florist, in the third one becomes a waiter at a classy restaurant and you have to entertain guests to receive a tip. In the extra level you are faced with a dilemma: to discriminate against new immigrants (and so has a job at customs with the possibility of fire on illegal immigrants), or help them (and you get a list of text and links of nonprofit organizations profit organizations that protect new immigrants).
Tatiana Bazzichelli