Laos: Internet pedals.

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03:12:02 Laos: Internet pedals.
Laos is one of the poorest countries in Asia, and despite his developmental delays, is beginning to spread to the network in both cities and in rural communities. In Vientiane, the capital, in fact, is a good number of internet cafes that offer access to the web for a few cents. In the village of Phon Kam, however, takes a project to connect the remote villages of the nation to the rest of the world, developed by Jhai Foundation . A real help came from some companies in Silicon Valley, who designed computers that can withstand the raw conditions of the villages and without any kind of technical support. So instead of hard disks were mounted flash-memory. The PCs are assembalti with pieces out of production and consume less than 20 watts. But the ingenious idea consists in feeding, carried out by a car battery charged through the pedals of a bicycle. Each PC in the village is connected through a wireless Internet and a broadcasting station powered by solar cells and transmits signals to the nearest town, Phon Hong, which is 30 kilometers. The software used is based on Linux and also allows you to create collaborative areas with other villages.