V_, the festival vj Bulk of Milan.

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13:12:02 V_, the festival vj Bulk of Milan.
V_ is a show promoted by Box and Otolab, collective audiovisual research in Milan, hosted by CSA bulk of Milan and dedicated to VJing as an artistic practice. V_ is released by sponsors and business logic and calls itself an act of resistance audiovisual industry. Twinned with VideA_02 Barcelona and sponsored by Aivac, an international association founded under the auspices of the Council dÕEuropa and dellÕUnesco to promoting experimentation video nellÕarte and culture, V_ starts Friday, December 13. They open the inaugural evening the two vj resident crew of the project. To compare two very different aesthetic and practical understanding of the VJ, as if to draw the ends of the spectrum of variations in which it manifests the variegated scene of the live video. The post-modern aesthetic mix and collage of images of Box revisits, in a key post-film and digital instances of theatrical narrative and narrative film. The visual music Otolab is based on aesthetics rather minimal oscilloscope display of the sound waves, the relationship between acoustic data and algorithmic behavior of the images, revealing the offspring of an entire line of visual searches of electronic music and sound art . Box is a collective that brings to life each time to different projects, identified with a cardinal number, in an innovative reconfiguration of the relationship between individuality and artistic work of the group. For V_ Box 018 presents "UnÕimpurità not calculated", a tale mounted audiovisual live inspired by the novel by RL Stevenson's "Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde". Otolab presents some experimental live set of algorithmic audiovisual interaction, including "landscapes n ¡9" (mud-diesordre), "oscillaconcetti" (orgone-mud-sn), "3dgroove" (mud-maikko) and "bad logo" ( xo00), a vj set on the theme of political ties of big corporations. Special guest of the evening Dj Zak & Dj Tayone from Alien Army, who present their new show turntablism "Fresh Confidence". The combination of VJing to turntablism has a definite aesthetic significance: it wants to highlight the need for live video to stand out from the mere visual accompaniment to the music, a practice now in vogue in the context of "commercial", as well as turntablism indicates an artistic practice of intensive use and live the turntable, compared to the aesthetics of DJing mainstream.
Lavinia Garulli