The anonymizer U.S. Senate.

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20:12:02 The anonymizer U.S. Senate.
It not be said that the Senate of the United States has never done anything to protect your privacy on the Internet. Indeed. For months, pace of its diligent network administrators, the site worked as anonymizer for those internet users who want to cover their tracks on the network, any attempt to reconstruct the paths of web users of the service offered by the site unknowingly government, would lead straight to the IP of Capitol Hill. Head of a proxy server and a dedicated machine acting as a bridge between a private network and the public network, and is used to transfer data from inside to outside. If configured incorrectly, the proxy can also accept requests from the outside, so that anyone can scorrazzarvi with a simple change in the configuration of the browser. Since the log of target sites show only the IP address of the proxy server, many hackers and users interested in their own privacy cataloging the open proxies and use them to make anonymous while browsing. The proxy and was discovered by the hacker Adrian Lamo (see Bucato the internal network of the New York Times and a ride in Farsi backbone of ), which is limited to use it to send a message to every site administrator. "I went on a website with a URL that does not exist very long: a phrase that suggested that one of them was open proxy" revealed Lamo. At this point, the proxy and the closed state.
Ilaria Roncaglia