Grids, perspectives of a matrix.


18.12.02 Grids, perspectives of a matrix.

A grid, even if basic to the essential, represents, in its interlacement of knots and junctions, the most classic metaphor of the net and its almost endless combinatorial possibilities. Interpreting it in a multifaceted and amused way is Suzung Kim, who made the work ‘Grids‘ for the corean Art Center Nabi. In a style reminescent of John Maeda’s joyful human-computer interfaces, different prespectives are presented which interpret the matrix as pixels of an icon, combinations of cartesian coordinates, liquid set of identical geometric shapes, recursive multidimension, group of basic particles for constructing an alphabet and ideal structure for housing a musical sequencer. Each facet is programmed with Shockwave and requires the user’s active collaboration to reveal all its stunning vivacity.