Creative Commons licenses free to distribute and protect your work.

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18:12:02 Creative Commons licenses to distribute for free and protect your work.
I'm finally ready the ad hoc licenses of Creative Commons ( see ) that has implemented in its web services the ability to customize standard documents that allow you to reuse your material, dictating appropriate conditions. This tool 'self-help' offers new possibilities to distribute the intellectual work in generous terms from copyleft to the public domain, all without any remuneration. The licenses themselves promote creative reuse of their products by others in order to unleash the intellectual capabilities dates from the sharing of the work itself. The tool takes care to formalize in legal language basic choices of the manufacturer, producing also a version optimized for the search engines. Among the supporters of DJ Spooky, the Internet Archive, MIT Open Courseware project, O'Reilly & Associates, Stanford Law School, and Sun Microsystems.