Flowers, photographic art with the scanner.

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17:12:02 Flowers, photographic art with the scanner.
There is an aesthetic associated with each digital tool, software or hardware that is? Often the answer is yes, as when analyzing the work of Katinka Matson , an American artist who has managed to extract a specific poetic by a judicious use of the scanner. Its flowers, which are visible on the site at a decent resolution, showing not only petals, stems and pistils, but the pace and depth that they can express if placed in a certain position, revealing unsuspected identity to a naturalistic approach. The main difference with photographic equipment, in fact, is also in the illumination of subjects and in that darkness that blurs the background given by the infinite nothing that separates the parties with respect to the glass farthest from cover used not to disperse the light. On the other hand the sensitivity of colors and details collects tiny spectacular special framed by the window of the eye floating two-dimensional computer imposes a limit of such magnificence organic.