Bandlink, the cd that tell about your business.

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17:12:02 Bandlink, the cd that tell about your business.
Access to the user's computer, and then to a variable part of his private life, remains one of the most coveted sights from the fanatics of marketing, including those deployed on the music front. The Bandlink , for example, seeks its target between musicians eager to reach all of their potential fans, eternal torment for any musician professionally engaged. The business consists of entrusting them to the printing of cd making include their proprietary systems behind the smokescreen of interactive content. Among the services offered are the 'Statistics Bandlink Artist', that figure on the use of their cd, track by track and analyzed with tables that relate to periods monthly, weekly, daily and hourly, as well as a profile of the users concerned. In version exasperated, the 'CD Bandlink Intelligence', we define better user profiles, and also defines a 'focus group' with an organized chat with fans. The slogan is hardly reassuring company 'Virtually any information you want to know about your fans or the quality of your release can be obtained.'