Reverse the British government privacy thanks to the fax sent from the internet.

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25.06.02 Reverse the British government privacy thanks to the fax sent from the internet.
A large protest has spread to England after a government project that threatened to seriously jeopardize the privacy of citizens (see The British government wants to allow local authorities to spy on citizens. ). After a few days even responsible for the proposal, the Home Secretary David Blunkett, has publicly apologized for the proposal, recognizing the error. The law no longer taken into consideration referred to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) Act, another measure that regulated the private surveys about their activities on the internet or on mobile phones, however, possible only to the police, finance and services secret, without the permission of the judge. Now the government also planned to extend the privileges to public entities, however, that they would have much less control over their 'investigations'. The activist group called Stand after an initial request for mobilization without great success has restructured its site, opening up the domain , which was used to send a fax to a member of parliament elected in his district. Within days, hundreds of faxes were sent, on average about two per Member. All this has raised awareness much of the same that you are informed quickly on a bill that did not provide even the public discussion in the classroom. After announcing a delay in the discussion of the project, the authorities have decided to delete it permanently. According to James Cronin, a member of Stand, "for people digital life is now much more concrete than a little 'time ago.