ArtBit collection, software art in Tokyo.

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26/06/02 ArtBit collection, software art in Tokyo.
And ongoing until August 11 all'NTT Intercomunication Center in Tokyo ArtBit collection , an exhibition of software art that explores the possibilities of programming languages, which allows the network to exchange tools for creating and exhibiting works of language environments for computer music and software for the visualization of the World Wide Web are seven categories identified in order to discern between the various applications, including commercial ones are also included. The first is' Visual Programming Environment ', in which they were selected visual programming environments as' ToonTalk' and '3 D-Visulan ', while in' Media Programming Environments' programs are able to manipulate the user in various media real time, as the famous 'MAX / MSP' for the midi-live and 'Born', created by the mysterious group that hides behind the initials Netochka Nezvanova. The only communityware, that is, software that facilitates the interaction between users is 'Linker' and three are the 'Virtual Environment' selected: 'Sodaplay', 'Rogue' and 'Rog-O-Matic'. For the specific section of the web is the 'Web Browser Historical View and Alternatives' browser history and forgotten, such as 'Mosaic', 'Netscape', 'Amaya', 'I / O / D 4: The Web Stalker', 'BurroughsWeb' and 'ResourceHanger +'. Finally, the selection that best describes the structure of the network is' Behind the Network ', with projects that typically show little data exist on the screens of users, such as' tcpdump', 'WebHopper', 'Carnivore', 'Tokyo Local webscape' and ' Former Planet ', while jobs that are closest to the art tout court are certainly those included in the last category, one entitled' Deconstructing NoiseWare-Desktop and Application ', where the' noise 'breaks in the usual reassuring desktop metaphor through classics such as net art 'OSS', 'SOD' and 'CO.JP browser' Jodi, or applications' Auto-Illustrator 'and' Autoshop 'Adrian Ward, as well as' TraceNoizer' of the LAN, 'DISCODER ',' (FMS fragmental Storm) ',' Living Web Browser 'and' Sand '.