AMG Strain, copyleft software to deconstruct movies.

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27.06.02 AMG Strain, copyleft software to deconstruct movies.
Strain AMG is the new software copyleft Barbara Lattanzi, an American artist devoted to manipulate the paradigm of sequential video. After experiments 'You are late' (see 'You are late,' Nosferatu in pixels ), and the previous software Surface Tension ( Surface Tension, free video editing software. ), Lattanzi has here transformed into code the algorithm designed by Anne McGuire in 'Andromeda Strain, The,' a video art of the 1992 detournava the film 'The Andromeda Strain' (directed by Robert Wise in 1972 and based on a novel by Michael Crichton, 1968) through a particular assembly sequences. The program, free download for mac and pc, breaks up any video in quicktime in short sequences (the length is defined through a simple interface) and plays them back in reverse order. The assembly and sequential narrative they are disrupted, while remaining clear the trace of the original structure, bringing the projection on a different and innovative, time plan.