Techno Poetry Festival 2002.

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02:04:02 Techno Poetry Festival 2002.
For two days (April 1st and 2nd) takes place at the Wesley Center for New Media at Georgia Tech in Atlanta (USA), the Techno Poetry Festival 2002 , an exhibition of net art and electronic art that focuses on literature and storytelling its focal point. The artists in the exhibition are John Cayley, with 'riverisland', a work in which a Chinese poem is transformed through transcripts algorithmic and 'Speaking Clocks', in which a clock generates the language that can be used to describe the same time; Diane Gromala with 'Biomorphic Typography', an installation in which the user is connected with biofeedback devices that deforms accordingly font with which writes the same in real time, making reference to heartbeat, respiration and galvanic skin sensitivity; Eduardo Kac with 'Genesis' (see Genes artist stream ); Eugene Thacker with 'Biotech Hobbyist', a collective that studies interdisclipinare interventions 'low-tech' on modern biotechnology, Camille Utterback with 'Text Rain', developed in conjunction with Romy Archituv, an installation in which users interact with a projected video playing with the flood of letters that fall from above, based on the poem 'You Talk' Evan Zimroth and, finally, Sha Xin Wei with 'Hubbub', ( in the image) an installation which combines speech recognition with dynamic typography and videos projected to explore the boundaries between writing and language. This evening, the festival ends with the performance of the famous musician and choreographer Pauline Oliveros, the researcher at the Banff Center for the Arts of virtual environments and computerized coreography Yakov Sharir, and Diana Reed Slattery, author of Glide, a visual language for the dance.