Music and dance interconnected (1).

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29.11.01 Music and dance interconnected (1).
Tomie Hahn, un'etnomusicologa at Tufts University has developed indieme Curtis Bahn, a researcher at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an interface to synchronize music and choreography. The Hahn, he is experimenting with the use of some forms of Japanese dance. In one of them she impersonates Pikapika , which in Japanese means 'glitter'. The sensors are the appicati the hands and feet as well as small speakers attached to the arms. As the dance is held Hahn is driven by the music that she creates moving. As he wrote in a recent report, "When I move the dance and the music began to be intertwined. Can not seem to be sure you're dancing on a certain music or if, on the contrary, both the music itself to create the dance."