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The magazine Simultaneity comes alive in an entirely in English version with a number theme entitled 'The Soul of Digital Art'. Founded in 1997, with specific interest on new media art and its multiple expressions, the


Someone promptly called a 'tele-paper' and in the synthesis of the two terms on the contrary, that a newspaper that is, it shows the movement of the televisions of the road, is the scope of this

p2p fightsharing!

The strategies of media resistance have evolved with the changes in the situation, and this precious collection of video materials succeeds in feeling the pulse of antagonist communication with exceptional up-to-dateness. Designed to be published at

Digital Performance

Abnormalities digital_arts, multilingual international journal under the direction of Emanuele Quinz, Professor of Aesthetics at the Department of Numerical Arts Dance and Music at the University of Paris, continues an interesting and detailed investigation into the

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e | i Magazine

It still makes sense in a magazine on paper with the theme electronic music with new and exciting features it offers online information (real-time updates and links to labels, shop and artists,