Eternal September, the rise of amateur culture exhibition at Aksioma, curated by Valentina Tanni. From internet folklore to the deja vu “on the screen” an exploration of “amateur culture” quickly corroding certainties. http://www.aksioma.org/eternal.september/index.html

“If you publish this work on the Internet I will sue you” by Vigilante (FR/IT) is effectively placing itself on a billboard instantly evoking its digital transmission, in a classic conceptual art strategy (using the words to create an uncanny situation (and tension) in between two different dimensions.


noPhone by Ingmar Larsen is meant to give people the “phone feeling” without their actual phone. It’s a 3D printed mockup, resembling mostly an iPhone, which should reassure the addicted person to still be in control of its obsession. A slick website and an hilarious FAQ are completing the effort. http://www.nophone.eu

“Artwork by Anonymous” a screenshot of an anonymous post on the board pondering the diminished nature of art has been sold on Ebay for US $90,900.00. Officially buyer will receive a plain inkjet print in a frame.


“Not available on the App Store” a viral sticker (which can be bought for 1 dollar or self-made) used to remark difference between material-based and screen-based excitement http://notonappstore.com

“All I know and then some” by Addie Wagenknecht is a big handwriting covering a whole wall with a sequence of repeating sentences starting with “I will not download things that get me into trouble” and ending with “I will not download things” http://placesiveneverbeen.com/index.php/all-i-know-and-then-some/

Mountain by David OReilly, is a “consequential” videogame, as you’re a mountain and your development (which passively lasts for the whole game) is determined by answers to initial questions http://mountain-game.com

The Cave of Sounds by Tim Murray-Browne is an array of eight original musical instruments developed by respective authors and arranged in circle, in order to be played chorally in an installation http://timmb.com/cave-of-sounds/

Shadow Box Attractions (variation 2) by David Stout is an installation composed of a three screens that uses a specific “chamber simulation” to generate drawings. https://vimeo.com/60657228

Tether is a web application by Jono Brandel visualising a Plaid tune that can be influenced by the user, drawing a path (source code is free). http://tether.plaid.co.uk

A music video for the single Music Is Life by the Japanese band SOUR realised by designers Masashi Kawamura and Kota Iguchi, where animations are made with custom CDs used as a phenakistoscope, or as still images which appear to animate when rotating on a disc.