Neural 31, Information Value


Neural 31

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Issue 31, winter 2008

Centerfold: ‘Fulgurator’ with Barack Obama by Julius Von Bismarck.

new media art
.S.W.A.M.P. interview.
.!Mediengruppe Bitnik interview.
.ISEA 2008, Singapore report.
.Ars Electronica 2008 report.
.news: Smiles Less Noise, Taiwa Hensokuki, Machines that Almost Fall Over, AEO, Motion-Extraction-Reanimation Series.
..books: Bodies in Code, HMKV 1996-2008, Darko Fritz Archives in Progress, Holy Fire, Software Studies: A Lexicon.

.Negativland interview.
.Memories of the Future, New Forms of Cultural Production
.The Hype Machine, p2p blogging
.news: Graphite Sequencer, Wind-up Birds, Sun Run Sun, Fold Loud, Physical Sequencer.
..books/dvd: Anthibotis – Occultural Anthology vol. 2, curated by Vicky Bennett – Smiling Through My Teeth, Dj Spooky – Sound Unbound, M. Schumacher – Five Sound Installations, Filmachine.
.cd reviews: Ryoji Ikeda, Andrea Polli and Joe Gilmore, Janek Schaefer, Alva Noto, COH aka Ivan Pavlov + Cosey Fanni Tutti, @c, Bj Nielsen and Stilluppsteypa, Helmut Schafer and Zbigniew Karkowski, Black to Comm, Brandon LaBelle, Jos Smolders, Berlin Electronics, Kenneth Gaburo, Simon Wickham-Smith, Critikal, Frank Rothkamm, Silvia Fassler and Billy Roisz, Michael Santos, Martin Neukom, Josh Russell.

.Matthew G. Kirschenbaum interview.
.Free Passwords: The Bumpy Guide to Porn Sharing.
.Shopdropping, violating the consumer temples.
.news: Cyberskin, Double-Taker (Snout), Real Snail Mail, Goldenbergian Voting Machine, Tantalum Memorial.
..books/dvd: Public Netbase: non stop future, Setun, The Exploit, a theory of Networks, Feedback, Television against Democracy, Digital Media and Democracy.