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ScareMail – Benjamin Grosser


ScareMail is Benjamin Grosser’s answer to Prism: a browser extension to defend our email from surveillance by the National Security Agency. Once installed, ScareMail automatically generates a meaningless story within each email; one able to ostentatiously attract the interest of the

@c – Ab OVO


CD – Crónica Electronica

Miguel Carvalhais & Pedro Tudela began work on this new project edited by Crónica Electronica in May 2012, finishing in July 2013. The composition originates from work by @c for the soundtrack to OVO, a pièce

Carsten Nicolai – Unidisplay


Gestalten, ISBN-13: 978-3899554861, English, 80 pages, 2013, UK

Nicolai’s science-oriented artworks have some unique characteristics including a polarised shifting between complexity and simplicity that always deeply involves our senses. It is not by accident that his intellectual proximity to long