Random Walk, consequential randomness


Liat Segal’s ”Random Walk” is a large installation composed of 3 sections: in ‘Cause’ a taut latex structure is teased and released to flip a coin whose results appear as binary data on a nearby screen; in ‘Effect’, these digits activate a structure made of 1,165 black polyurethane bands, attached on one side to the wall in a circular shape and on the other side converging on a rope with an oscillating brass ‘pendulum’ attached; in ‘Ripple’ upturned glasses in a circular arrangement, each with varying quantities of water and a magnet inside, react to the pendulum’s oscillations with ripples while the corresponding magnets jump, producing a kinetic sound. The induced randomness of the process has logical repercussions, rendering the initial random motion into physical space.


Liat Segal | Random Walk | Solo Exhibition