Paul Thomas – Quantum Art & Uncertainty


Intellect Ltd, ISBN-13: 978-1783209019, English, 188 pages, 2017, UK

In 2014 the seminal “Nanoart: The Immateriality of Art” book was published, investigating the connections among artworks using physics at nanoscale to question our senses and the perception of ‘constructions’ in space. Paul Thomas has authored this new book, progressing his investigation in different directions. Quantum Art & Uncertainty allows his early interest about quantum theory to be fully articulated in his impact on how we understand reality, and how correlated artworks have conceptually expanded its revolutionary potential. The world of quanta is counter-intuitive and relies on mathematical probabilities, so it imposes since the beginning a new way of thinking, like in the classic challenging example of superposition (a particle being in two places at the same time). The imperceptible world of quantum and the invisibility of the elements inducing our perceptions are so close to the world of invisible presences behind the screens. If the underlying scenario is to relate to “probability and uncertainty”, understanding artists navigating “the visual unknown and the void” and we have to think “between human and non-human” then we can start to easily share Thomas’ intuition that the ’cloud’ is legitimised by quantum, immersing in his intriguing overall discourse about (as Thomas Morton defines it in the foreword) “the power of uncertainty.”