machine brut(e), temporal monolithism


The correlation between sound and architecture has been frequently articulated on space as the primary medium through which sound and structures can be expressed. Rarely, instead, have specific architectural principles been applied to sound, applying this kind of transdisciplinarity to composition. Following this perspective, Machine brut(e) is a series of ten sound sculptures by Mo H. Zareei (aka mHz), an Iranian musician and artist, attempting to reflect Brutalist architecture. In his installation, he shows ten composition played by different combinations of sculptures, but all composed with patterns (normally one or two bars long) repeated in endless loops, metaphorically mimicking the grid-based geometry of Brutalist architecture. Zareei’s wants to realise a “temporal monolithism” so each sculpture is carefully positioned in each composition, and a block of raw concrete (béton brut) is also symbolically featured.


Mo H. Zareei – machine brut(e)