Keith Rowe / Martin Küchen – The Bakery


CD – Mikroton

This release by the label Mikroton, an artistic platform focused on electronic experimental music and mixed instrumental media, includes different recordings. Some of them were made in a nuclear power plant and some in an old water tower, while others were recorded at an exhibition of Johannes Heuer. All the elements were performed live, recorded and then mixed in the studio of Christoph Amann. The Bakery originates from a residence project of the Swedish Council of Culture in 2013. The experimenters Martin Küchen and Keith Rowe took part in the event and made two different suites of twenty-one and fourteen minutes. Martin Küchen is an improvisatory free-jazz saxophone player; Keith Rowe shares his musical side too and is a tabletop guitarist. It’s not the first time they have together made some fruitful works (for example, the former combo project with the free form saxophonist Seymour Wright.) Mutual knowledge and a similar sound approach help to make the sequences strong. They are homogeneous and coherent in their development. The sequences’ sophistication makes the listener involved in the continuum of hum, drones, field recordings and bare audio abstractions. At first listening, because the sequences are so well mixed, it’s hard to recognize the individual contributions. The overlaps of the first track are more evident, due to the dark and rarefied sounds progression made of different electronic overlaps and samples. The atmosphere seems reminiscent of a desert universe. In the following track, Rowe and Küchen keep the same attitude: the sequence is full of buzzes, strange scrapings, point-like samples and structural tensions. Despite the weaves being introvert in their essences, the listening experience is always interesting. The listener’s attention is held, due to the high quality of the sound combinations and to the undeniable charm of the duo’s manipulations.


  • Keith Rowe / Martin Küchen — The Bakery [mikroton cd 46]

  • Mikroton Recordings | Keith Rowe / Martin Küchen ‘The Bakery 2’ (mikroton cd 46)