IOKOI – Liquefy



The Swiss-Italian producer and artist IOKOI has her debut on long form with his new release Liquefy produced by -ous, a label whose catalogue moves from techno to experimental pop. Liquefy includes ten original versions, characterized by refined, stylish and glamourous electronic music, and by tense atmospheres, giving the listener an impression of dynamism and futurism. The video for “Body/Head” and the interviews the artist made about this new experience are clear too: IOKOI is very inspired by the immaterial world, formed by the usage of new media and the infinite connections typical of this digital age. “You have the feeling our virtual life might be more intense,” IOKOI says, but this might actually limit us in the physical reality, instead of opening new dimensions. The reference to the immaterial world is not purely ideal but fulfills a large part of the artist’s imagination. In fact, IOKOI often underlines that audio and video have the same importance in her production; that these two aspects cannot exist without each other. The work presents different references. The strict relationship between music and images reminds us of Huoratron (XXVI Crimes Of Love). From a musical point of view, it owes more to experimental trip-hop and to the experimental chanteuse (a genre history that moves from Laurie Anderson to Björk). IOKOI hypercyberrealism is yet again the representation of a charm for antithetical elements now perfectly combined, whose ultimate styling is not concerned any more with function, due to an excess of signs, theories, information and images. The listening experience is very pleasant; the voice is almost always quite filtered and follows a suggestive, delicate and evocative path. The artwork of Mathieu Missiaen is an integral part of the album too: it’s very refined, but at the same time seems more frozen and thorny. The album goes on between these opposite sides, following a balance among the many themes already analyzed, the trembling references to the contemporary age and a kind of pop pleasure. Finally, the work gives our synapses an impressive and sweetly maniacal feeling.


  • IOKOI – Body/Head [-OUS, official video]