What is rising, fracking the public perception


Fracking is already famous as one of the most environmentally devastating practices used to extract hydrocarbons from the soil. It injects large volumes of high-pressure water into the ground in order to break rocks and facilitate the flow of shale gas and petroleum. Beyond drought, unusual seismic activities seem to be directly induced by fracking. What is rising is an artwork conceived by Art-Act (Gaspard and Sandra Bébié-Valérian) addressing the risks and fears of this practice. The artists have used transcriptions of earthquakes as graphs and then translated these to data feeding a sonic and sensory composition. The seismographs have being modified in order to perform the earthquakes data and graphs in real-time. The option of rendering the phenomenon precisely and amplifying it as sound is also extended in a performance. The invisible, human-induced hazard fully resonates between the scientifically drawn paper and the acoustic outputs, evoking the sense of a possible catastrophe.


What is rising, summary / Art-Act