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Audio data cassette – ArtKillArt

In LogForData’s ProjectSinge several audio coding protocols are extracted from a 56k modem, fax machines and personal computers from the 1980’s. Texts of on-line conversations between the different members of an IRC channel are also included alongside this auditory data. Decoding the contents is only possible using a cassette player linked to a computer connected to the logfordata.net site. The tape has fifteen minutes of audio data streams on each side, respectively in French and in English. The accuracy of the tape player, the swiftness of the computer system and its Internet connection, then, determine the structure of texts and codes that are visualised on the laptop screen. ProjectSinge, an operating platform founded in 1998, is a creative group whose specificity lies on the verge of multimedia installation, performance, audiovisual diversion and the re-appropriation of obsolete technologies. LogForData draws us back to an era when information systems were beginning to mutate imperceptibly, before everything took a turn towards the uncontrollable and chaotic. The proliferation of data traffic is now a crucial issue: cloud services, the Internet of Things and increased mobility place new demands, while the transmission and reception of data technologies are continuing a wonderful adventure started at the dawn of the nineteen-eighties. Information is now a form of independent existence and digital entities previously only imagined have become full-fledged realities. Here the status of the format is questioned too: the cassette is only one part of a process; it takes more devices for the circuit to be completed. This takes the form of a sort of home-encryption that is the repository of ever-changing resolutions.