Jeroen Uyttendaele & Dewi de Vree – Ground


audioMER, ISBN-13: 978-9492321206, English, 240 pages, 2016, USA

The conductive properties of graphite have been used by sound artists in different ways – as a freeform tool available to the public in “Paper Circuits” by Franziska Windisch, Martin Rumori, Christoph Haag and Ludwig Zeller, for example, or, in the aesthetically refined “Induction Drawings” by Joyce Hinterding. But there is a different combination of the available elements that can be put into practice, – one even more sensorially engaging than those mentioned above. Jeroen Uyttendaele and Dewi de Vree, go on to explore the performative aspect of this medium, in their joint performance “Ground.” Their live graphite drawings become the interface controlling the volume, pitch and amplitude of a music piece. The work is also affected by the intersection and external movements of their hands. Performance gestures become a multilevel dialogue. The magnetic fields flowing or being abruptly changed are interwoven with the close but separated physicality of the performance (the artists are standing face-to-face, with the instruments and the drawing paper between them). This shapes the abstract symbols drawn, while the produced sound acts as a unifying underlying magnetic environment. Produced in a limited edition of 300 copies, this catalogue includes a text by Hicham Khalidi, a collection of fifty-one final drawings and a DVD containing a video of a studio performance. The production of the printed images are subsequently documented in full action, giving justice to the symbiotic gestures and the speechless dialogue of the two onstage.


  • Jeroen Uyttendaele & Dewi de Vree talk about creating ‘Ground’, an audiovisual performance