edited by Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits, Lev Manovich – Data Drift. Archiving Media and Data Art in the 21st Century.


RIXC, LiepU MPLab, ISBN-13: 978-9934843433, English, 296 pages, 2015, Latvia

“Data Drift” is both formally issue #14 of the Journal of Acoustic Space and also a selection of papers presented in the 2013 edition of the Media Art Histories conference, titled Renew. Instead of materializing the proceedings of the conference, The RIXC editors have taken it as a strong starting point to combine presented papers with new texts emerging from the Renewable Futures conference. There are four sections focusing on Net Art, Computer-based Artworks, Moving Images, and Media Archeology. The papers very diversely investigate media art in its various historical embodiments, often addressing specific parts of historical media art productions often for the very first time. In this respect, we can find phenomena confined to particular space/time environments (such as “the Communist Poland,” or physical environments like Montréal’s Vidéographe or the Prague’s Cynelabyrinth); those that are the consequence of determined platforms or instruments (such as the Telidon teletext system in Canada or phonographs in Siberia); analogue techniques (take, for example the Cylindrical Anamorphosis) or software-related paradigms (HTML Frames or the CIDOC CRM ontology standard). The resulting collection is very informative and deeply researched, forming an essential reading for any media art scholar. Indeed, the last thirty pages are dedicated to both the “Save As” and “Data Drift” exhibitions, turning these into short catalogues with color photographs and forming a qualified addendum to the rest of the publication.