Spectra-3, i want communicate with you


We live in a dark age. While this phrase emerges from the middle ages … any excuse is good. Culture? Dark age. Policy? Dark age. Humanitarian rights? Dark age. London, one of the most popular European capitals, wanted to start the year 2016 with a radically positive message: the slogan “See the city in a new light” was coined by the festival Lumiere, London. Among the international artists invited to participate was FIELD study, a group that specialise in immersive installations. Their art work, Spectra-3, which recalls from the outset the human need and quest to communicate, looks like a very large radio telescope. The machine, created by a team of over 15 professionals including programmers, designers, engineers audio-visual and sound artists, is a large rotating sculpture that, with fluid almost human movements, first scrutinizes the sky and, then, as in a dance, the whole surrounding area. Built with reflective materials somewhere between high design and the latest aerospace style, the work reflects and projects light beams that hit it, generating in the viewer an emotional experience of light and sound that goes beyond the concept of artificial intelligence and aims to convey a kind of artificial emotion. This is a masterpiece of kinetic sculpture combining with great success procedural motion and digital controls, creating a choreography of new light. Will communications bring light into this dark age? Benedetta Sabatini


Spectra-3: Infinity + Latitude of Home


Spectra-3 at Lumiere London