Barents (mare incognitum), losing the Borders


The loss of reference points in the open sea affects our equilibrium, both physically and psychologically. Seasickness is a kind of vertigo, triggered by the feeling of instability in both our body and the liquid environment we are in. Commissioned for the Dark Ecology Journey, Barents (mare incognitum) by HC Gilje is a video installation that pushes this feeling even further. Using a custom built “orbital camera”, it rotates the optics slowly around its own axis until the sea is above and sky below, losing even these last references points. The camera is positioned in the Barents Sea, at the border of Norway and Russia and pointing towards the North Pole. Borders are confused, as well as east and west, up and down. The perception of space is almost surreal but paradoxically this disequilibrium produced a new reacquires unity with the natural elements, removing all artificial constructs.


Barents (mare incognitum)