Message Past Future, Corrupted Tomorrows


Audio recordings of a voice evoke a person and also the period when that person has that specific tone of voice. In our analogue past, tapes were the most popular repositories for voices, as they were personal and cheap media. Message Past Future by Adam Basanta is made of 3 vintage portable cassette-tape recorders with modified cassette tapes all produced between the end of the sixties and the end of the seventies. On one of the tapes is this quote by Peter Drucker “[t]he only thing we know about the future is that it is going to be different”, spoken here by a speech synthesis algorithm which was unavailable when the sentence was written (1973). The contrast between the used technologies (“vintage” in hardware and software) and the content, reinforce the sentence, but it’s hard not to notice a melancholic character, and also an admittedly contemplative one. The whole machine can be experienced as coming from a past future that will never be.


Message Past Future