RyanFair.org, welcome aboard refugees


With the same graphic design of the original Ryanair website (if digital is infinitely duplicable, so is also corporate visual identity), RyanFair.org is a project announcing a special initiative by the biggest airline in Europe in the middle of refugee crisis, letting them fly without the need for a visa. With the breathtaking slogan of “Welcome aboard refugees” the press release of this “design fiction” work is signed by Luther Blisset, but there are skilled Roman media activists behind it. After the understandable quick reaction by lawyers and press, their statement has been: “Some people can fly, some people can’t: this is the reason migrants are drowning).” Shaping public imaginary through marketing is subjugated here to counter-propaganda. So the celebrated aggressiveness of Ryanair and its appealing attitude to “break the rules” is coupled with the emergency and the sexy reassuring smiles of their hostesses finally underpinning dystopia as normality.