Holograms For Freedom, manifesting in the collective imaginary


Historically holograms have been connected with “presence,” mainly for their 3D live presence and for their peculiar ghostly televised aesthetics. Holograms have also been connected to their quality of being “temporary”, so being visible/invisible depending from timing or perspective. The manifestation of a “presence” can be an activist gesture, if properly conducted. That’s what the Spanish group “No Somos Delito” (We Are Not Crime) did as a reaction to the so-called “gag law” threatening to fine up to € 600,000 protesters gathering outside government buildings in Spain. The group projected a hour-long hologram protest using more than 2,000 virtual images. Reminding some practices in the 70s of projecting live the marching demonstrations on street’s side buildings in order to amplify the masses’ visual presence, this work is a very effective answer to restrictive laws triggering a shared and historically grounded public imaginary.


Holograms For Freedom