Pinhole Cinema, man and the static camera


What if we could see the world as through a camera obscura? We could certainly have a different visual perspective on it and therefore a different perception of space. “Pinhole Cinema” by the Japanese Fuwarilab offers a cheap method to experience being in a camera obscura without entering one. It instructs attendees to build their own cardboard-based “headset” provided with a strategically placed tiny hole in the front. Through it an upside down vision of reality is optically rendered in a mirrored perspective. Being in absolute real time sight is challenged, with users losing all the usual coordinates, but it’s also obviously revealing relationships between spaces, seen differently through the headset. It’s a radical change of perspective, mimicking one of the oldest concepts in the mediation of images, projected as long as we wish in front of our eyes. What happens is that we choose to be “inside” this device, forcing our senses to adapt and enjoy.