Marsen Jules – The Endless Change Of Colour, 24 Hour Version


Limited 24 Hour USB Flash Drive Edition – Bandcamp

A single phrase of an old jazz record is split into three differen audio streams, sounds that using generative concatenations are processed in cycles which then produce harmonic sequences and tonal envelopes. Marsen Jules, German electronic musician and audio artist, without necessarily being under the thumb of the structures act, however rigourous and closed, can give rise to proceedings consistent but very sensitive, comfortable in use sound. Atmospheres and emotions in the more abstract sense that these terms may evoke, where everything is done on carefully selected sound fragments that are transformed in turn in rarefied quotes. Yet neither the sampled sound nor the conceptual work and even the procedures adopted seem fundamental in this project. Marsen Jules prefers to remain focused on the ability to elicit precise feelings, fueling expansion carefully constructed that in the specific case of The Endless Change Of Colour reverberate own in the 24 Hour Version – that comes to us in an elegant box containing a full metal USB flash drive with a fine laser imprint– of a startle time full of nostalgia and refined intimacy, foggy in the evolution dilated and very expressive. Endless strings, suave and transcendent loops, an ethereal and enchanted narrative, “a celebration of both the system and the unexpected”, generative music tinkling here is made of electronic tones, enveloping hums and soft blankets aural frequencies. Marsen Jules originally published the composition through Taylor Deupree’s label 12K, having very strong awareness that a generative composition may have its own life. It is what it has become clear in this 24 Hour Version, where once again we believe with the exponential accumulation of elements fails every potential critical evaluation.


Marsen Jules – The Endless Change Of Colour